Training: Applying “Talk to Action” to two personal concerns


After having reviewed the textbook, seen the first 20 minutes of Mark Friedman’s hour long talk in Toronto, and scanned implementations in Wales, New Zealand, I was itching to get my hands dirty and do something. Anything.


I picked two things important to me: professional development and elder parents care, neither a crises, and both requiring long term planning and sustained action on my behalf. Then I brainstormed with myself through the basic questions and steps of RA.

Actions taken

RA basics thinking was applied to:

  1. Thinking about how my aging parents would be cared for.
  2. The end-point, scope, timeline, and resource allocation for this effort of learning and using RA.

meta parents


  • For the elderly parents care situation, still a good decade away, I answered the questions and was able to uncover the nature of the problem in the population quicker than I have ever done before on any subject. It was thrilling to see the smooth flow from population, indicators, baselines, and trends help to make massive search actually helpful. Frameworks are the book to analyses.
  • In case of professional development, learning RA itself could use some plain language thinking. I was surprised I was moving ahead without a clear result in mind, which created unknown anxiety of a timeline for achievement. I was thinking that I won’t need this website a year from now. But working through the steps, it seems that learning RA and maintaining this portfolio is required at-least through 2019.

Towards a Results Accountability-based Program Charter Template

As a certified professional, jargon is my default setting. I have to work on making stuff plain language for non-engineers (pretty much the rest of my world.) Last year I helped establish a PMO, and an important part was the program management template for our unit, which could use a little more plain language.

A great way to synthethize RA learning is to start modifying the program charter I would use to define a new or existing program. I have some excellent candidates to start applying RA framework, but need a simple starting point to ground me.

  • Even through results accountability applies more to programs, than projects, I did attempt to modify my 1-page project charter template. And quickly failed and moved on to my program charter template.
  • As a noob, it took about an hour or two to synthesize new learning and start cleaning up my previous, jargony Program Management template.

DAY 1 PROGRESS: 4/4/2015

So far, I have modified about 35% of it, thinking deeply of stuff I take away or change. Need to take a learning break, cannot wait to come back to complete this transformation, which will help in my upcoming meeting with a potential sponsor who is interested in moving forward some stagnating initiatives. (Saturday 4/4/2015)

Towards a results accountability based program charter template

Towards a results accountability based program charter template:
Green = RA-ised components; Red = components to be modified

UPDATE: DAY 2 ~ 4/5/2015

The template version 1 is complete, based on RA basics. It should improve as my understanding of RA improves, but this is a good starting point to start getting in trouble, eh?

Modifying program charter template for results accountability

From simple language to plan language… program charter template using RA

Download the current version here:

How simple is simple?

Embarking on the program management journey, it would be useful to have a artifact collection structure. I laid out the RA basics and PMI’s project and program management structures on the structures page, an initial starting point.

Eventually artifacts of learning/training/practice need to be logged under the simplest structure. Other, more complex mapping can be done, in case practice evidence is necessary when applying for the PgMP credential.

structure start

Warming up to RBA

It’s good to have a major problem to get started with. I have several. Rather, my world had several and our sponsor recognizes RA as the approach of choice to manage these populations based outcomes.

The RA term was mentioned at an all-staff monthly meeting and went largely unnoticed except by three of us, all avid learners, in different groups.

I started off by having our group acquire a copy of “Trying hard is not good enough”. In addition, I feel, the website will be a tremendous resource in hands-on learning.

Once I get buy-in for applying RA to an impending problem at work, I plan to lobby for additional training


~$80 DVD Workshop 

Hello world!

Initial thoughts while starting this blog.

Results Accountability or Results Based Accountability (RBA) and Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA) has been helpful to program management for state governments, cities, and other ventures that involve large stakeholder bases, public scrutiny of usually underfunded initiatives. Pioneered by Mark Friedman at the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute

This blog serves as my professional portfolio as I transition from being a project manager to a program/portfolio manager.

This blog is NOT a resource on RBA/OBA resource. I hope to use this as a personal learning ePortfolio to reflect and gather artifacts towards building my professional identity as Program/Portfolio Manager over the next year or so.