Towards a Results Accountability-based Program Charter Template

As a certified professional, jargon is my default setting. I have to work on making stuff plain language for non-engineers (pretty much the rest of my world.) Last year I helped establish a PMO, and an important part was the program management template for our unit, which could use a little more plain language.

A great way to synthethize RA learning is to start modifying the program charter I would use to define a new or existing program. I have some excellent candidates to start applying RA framework, but need a simple starting point to ground me.

  • Even through results accountability applies more to programs, than projects, I did attempt to modify my 1-page project charter template. And quickly failed and moved on to my program charter template.
  • As a noob, it took about an hour or two to synthesize new learning and start cleaning up my previous, jargony Program Management template.

DAY 1 PROGRESS: 4/4/2015

So far, I have modified about 35% of it, thinking deeply of stuff I take away or change. Need to take a learning break, cannot wait to come back to complete this transformation, which will help in my upcoming meeting with a potential sponsor who is interested in moving forward some stagnating initiatives. (Saturday 4/4/2015)

Towards a results accountability based program charter template

Towards a results accountability based program charter template:
Green = RA-ised components; Red = components to be modified

UPDATE: DAY 2 ~ 4/5/2015

The template version 1 is complete, based on RA basics. It should improve as my understanding of RA improves, but this is a good starting point to start getting in trouble, eh?

Modifying program charter template for results accountability

From simple language to plan language… program charter template using RA

Download the current version here:


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