Action Plan

This website is about learning Results Accountability and incorporating it in the practice of managing project and program portfolios. As a training exercise, I sat down for a couple of hours with myself to apply the “Talk to Action” steps to this endeavor:


Program managers and programs with large beneficiary populations and complex stakeholders.


Become a Program Management Professional (PgMP)


  • Government funding levels
  • Program complexity
    • Staffing levels
    • Program durations
    • Broader stakeholder base
  • Media reports on  program delays, cost overruns, and deliverable quality


  • Funding: Federal funding for programs is always soft. The trend of austerity has been evident with episodes (2013 Fiscal cliff and sequestration, 2013 government shutdown, 2011-2013 debt ceiling crisis, short term funding extensions for critical government agencies etc.)
  • Project performance: Another US Fed agency reported better stakeholder management and forecasting, post training 24 project managers
  • Public Trust in Government: In 2014, public trust in government remains at historic lows, with 24% said they trust the government in Washington always or most of the time. (Public Trust in Government: 1958-2014; Pew Research Center)

Story behind baselines

“External factors such as the war on terror, the global economic recession, and the rise of the Internet as a social, economic, and political tool have all impacted the operating environment for government funded programs. At the same time, a flurry of government mandates has forced the issues of performance management and transparency upon project and program managers.”

“Stakeholders, from the general public to government legislators and executives are demanding that programs be more transparent and more innovative, which adds layers of complexity to the management of these programs.”

– Program Management 2010: A study of program management in the U.S. Federal Government


  • FSPI: Book, DVD, Implementation Guide
  • RA Practitioners Worldwide – LinkedIn Group
  • Internal customers who need RA applied to their portfolio or projects and programs
  • PMI network and resources

What works

  • TRAINING IN PROGRAM MGMT: One US defense agency reported 20%-30% reduction in cost after program managers were formally trained (PMI 2010)
  • PROGRAM MANAGEMENT FACTORS: Agile program thinking, communication culture, active executive support, stakeholder engagement. (PMI 2010)
  • RESULTS ACCOUNTABILITY: Common sense, common language, common grounds. A framework proven successful in government program management.

Strategy/Plan of action

Manage programs that deliver benefits, keep stakeholders satisfied, and use common sense, common language, and common ground

  • PMI’s Program Management Certification
    • Document work experience in this portfolio for PgMP application
    • Gain 6000 hours of program management experience over 4 years
    • Pass PgMP certification by 2019
  • Experiential learning (2015-2019)
    • Learn with book,, web resources
    • In=person training or Training DVD
    • Opportunity: become a master trainer
    • Successfully run 1 RA based managed program project
    • Successfully run multiple projects under a RA managed program



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